Artred New Cleaning Equipment (AR-T5)

Manual scrubbing and mopping can be exhausting and time consuming. The floor scrubber glides easily over surfaces, scrubbing and drying in one, saving you energy and time for other tasks.

The automatic hand-push scrubber is adopted, which is flexible and has no dead ends. It is more convenient to clean the bottom sludge,
directional control is easier and more comfortable.

The design is a large square recovery tank, tank cover with Gas Spring.

About electricity:
- With built-in charger and retractable power cord.
- Short circuit protection, with low and overload motor protection.

With many advantages ranging from time efficiency to environmental friendliness and enhanced safety, floor scrubbers are the leader in the field of cleaning. More and more industry groups are being applied, and we also expect more distributors to join in and create newe frontiers together.

Artred Clean

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