ARTRED Lithium scrubbers and sweepers are celebrating new year of the tiger 2022.

Welcome to the year of the tiger, ARTRED SMART wishes you a happy new year 2022 and shares its best wishes of success and health!

The Chinese zodiac has been highly valued since ancient times. The tiger is called the third of the twelve earthly branches, at 3-5 o'clock, tigers were the most ferocious at this time, and ancients often heard tiger roars at this time. So tiger zodiac is derived from this. People believe that the tiger is a symbol of prestige. It also represents peace, so make many tiger products to pray for good luck in life for themselves and their families.

One of the things that people look forward to the most during the New Year is to set off fireworks, which adds a lively and festive atmosphere and also pinpoints the yearning for the new year.

ARTRED with new electric scrubbers & Sweepers with Lithium energy, which lead the industry and commercial cleaning field with new innovations to the market. Adopt maintenance-free explosion-proof lithium electronic technology, provide power all day, improve efficiency; operating costs are lower than lead-acid batteries and internal combustion engines; service life is 3 times longer than ordinary batteries; Energy saving and safe operation. Use lithium battery products to better light up the future.

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Let’s cleaning better with ARTRED in TIGER year 2022.