How to choose the floor scrubber on the market?

An auto floor scrubber is equivalent to the two walked floor scrubbers on actual cleaning efficiency. In terms of ride on floor scrubber, because of low work intensity, it can bring the maximum cleaning efficiency. So, its actual cleaning efficiency can reach the theoretical value.
In general, walked floor scrubber with high intensity work, the works will go slow due to fatigue and other reasons after working long hours. Actually, the cleaning efficiency only can reach 60-70% of the theoretical value; an auto ride on floor scrubber is equipped with driving motor and brush, the cleaning width is the brush width. Also, it can greatly reduce the working intensity of works. So, its actual cleaning efficiency usually can reach about 70-80% of theoretical valuein contact with the same brush width of walked floor scrubber.
Therefore, we should master the relationship between actual cleaning efficiency and stay cleaning area. In terms of actual stay cleaning area below 3000sqm-4000sqm, we can choose the walked floor scrubber of brush width about 500mm. In terms of 2000sqm-5000sqm, we should choose the automatic floor scrubber. In terms of 6000sqm-10000sqm, you did better to choose ride on floor scrubber. ARTRED cleaning equipment as a 20 years professional floor scrubber manufactures, it is your best and first choice.